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How does it work?

Rods&Cones is a remote assistance solution for medical environments.

Using our smart surgery glasses and digital remote assistance platform, users can connect safely with an assisting surgeon, product specialist, or medical professional anywhere in the world, in real-time.

With Rods&Cones you will have a better view than if standing in the OR.

Who would benefit from using the Rods&Cones services

Healthcare Professionals & Hospitals

From surgery assistance to remote proctoring; using Rods&Cones’ remote assistance services, healthcare professionals can demonstrate or attend live surgeries giving them a close up view without the need for a production team. Moreover, our pragmatic solution can be used across a wide range of medical services.

Rods&Cones has also been found beneficial in rural healthcare, by providing external expertise to help save more lives.

Medical Device Companies

By providing their customers with remote access services for the OR, medical device reps can ‘see’ through the eyes of the surgeon, instrumentalist nurse, or any healthcare professional using the smartglasses.

Thanks to this powerful digital solution, they can continue to increase their service offering by working closely with hospitals in need of ongoing support before, during, and after surgical interventions.

Mission Telemedicine

Rods&Cones offers a compact solution to healthcare teams in areas where there’s a shortage of medical experts.

The remote assistance services provided by Rods&Cones are constructed to be valuable for the defense industry and NGOs as well.

Our Products

Rods&Cones is a full-service offering.
We provide to you the technology, support, and training – giving you the confidence to get connected.

Our portable plug and play technology is extremely easy to set up and operate – completely adaptable to any devices and software in the OR.

Open Kit

Ideal for open surgery and non-invasive procedures. See what surgeons see, remotely.

What’s included?

Our signature smart glasses give remote experts the same view as the surgeon

Connect and broadcast different video feeds to remote experts

A convenient carry case that charges your Rods&Cones devices

A webcam device enabling a 360-degree view of the operating theatre.


Collaborate remotely with specialist surgeons during minimally invasive surgery.

What’s included?

Our signature smart glasses give remote experts the same view as the surgeon

Connect and broadcast different video feeds to remote experts

Add a second video input of the procedure to the remote expert’s online view

A convenient carry case that charges your Rods&Cones devices

A webcam device enabling a 360-degree view of the operating theatre.

See what the surgeon sees, in real-time

Because more professional input is possible with a time-efficient, collaborative, on-demand digital solution, everybody benefits. More patients can be treated anytime, anywhere.

Time & Cost Efficient

No need to rush to the hospital on an emergency. You can log in remotely from home and have the same view as standing in the OR giving support to the surgeon.


Collaborate with front runners in your field, location is no longer an issue. You can log in from anywhere and contribute.


Knowledge is power! Share your knowledge by training other people in your team. Giving you the confidence to get connected remotely while being by their side every step of the way.

Data Privacy and Security

Our team works continuously to ensure that all Rods&Cones’ technology is encrypted to the highest standards.

The solution is GDPR and HIPAA compliant.
We never store any patient, customer, or sensitive data on our servers.

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What Our Clients Say

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Dr. Usama Hamdan

FICS, Co-founder and President of the Global Smile Foundation - Westwood, Massachusetts, United States

“I was guiding one of my colleagues on the marking of the cleft lip revision. Because he’s a very well-established and experienced CF plastic surgeon, he was able to follow my guidance.”

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Dr. Bugra Sezen

Associate Professor - Yedikule Thoracic Surgery And Chest Diseases, Istanbul, Turkey

I like the visOR because we have the chance to take the operating sites outside the OR and the endoscopic system.”

Untitled design (38)

Dr. David Nellensteijn

Surgeon - St. Elizabeth Hospital, Curaçao

“I think Rods&Cones is a useful tool in the acute phases as a medium to get connected. With information going back and forth, we can improve performance during operations and therefore save lives.”

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Dr. Sergio Salido

General and Digestive System Surgeon - Fundación Jiménez Díaz, Spain

“It’s an immersive experience. Our colleagues have been able to follow the surgery from their houses and other hospitals and have the same view as if it would be them doing the surgery.”


Dr. Jörg Zehetner

Professor of Surgery - Klinik Beau-Site Hirslanden Bern, Switzerland

“It’s a safe and effective tool to teach and guide during a case via the (smart) glasses by showing the important steps using voice, words, pictures, or by pointing on the screen. I used the technology remotely from my office. It enables off-site teaching and gives the feeling of being in the room with the surgeon.”

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Dr. Xavier Berard

Professor of Vascular & Endovascular Surgery - Hôpital Pellegrin, CHU de Bordeaux, France

“With (Rods&Cones), you have the possibility to record surgery, and stream it, if needed. It’s a powerful tool for education.”

Untitled design (36)

Dr. Erik De Loos

Thoracic and Trauma Surgeon - Zuyderland Hospital, The Netherlands

“I broadcasted a uniportal VAT thoracic surgery with Rods&Cones, while an international audience observed all my movements. It’s a great tool for training purposes.”


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