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Remote Expertise on demand.

Improve patient outcomes by delivering surgical expertise around the world

Train your global work force.

Provide real-time eductation and remote proctoring to medical students or other doctors

Secure for hospitals

Our smartglasse are 100% handsfree – perfect for sterile environments & no medical data kept on our servers.

The primary purpose of our surgery assistance solution is simple. We aim to ensure that healthcare professionals get the support they need – from any medical expert worldwide – during complex procedures.

However, they can be also used by healthcare professionals in a variety of ways such as assisting a proctoring session, providing case support to a peer anywhere in the world, or creating effective and scalable training, as well as the democratization of knowledge transfer.
In addition, our technology is both secure and easy to use. The hardware is comfortable to wear during lengthy surgical procedures and is operated completely hands-free – ensuring a sterile, clean and safe environment every time.

Rods&Cones remote assistance services have also been proven beneficial in the areas of rural healthcare. With our technology, healthcare professionals residing in remote rural areas can increase their medical force by connecting to medical experts from all around the world.

As part of our purpose to improve peoples lives globally, our company has implemented a special program to support healthcare professionals in more difficult and complex situations. If you are actively supporting a humanitarian project and are looking for a technology partner, please contact us directly to present your project.

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