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Technology For
Medical Device

Surgical Collaboration

Surgery assistance solution allows reps to be in the OR remotely – getting the same view as the surgeon they’re supporting.

Attend More Surgeries

Reps only need to assist for the time they’re needed – allowing them to increase their commercial productivity.

Time & Cost Efficient

Reps can cover any geographical region without needing to travel – saving time and money.

Medical Devices

The Medical Future: Through the Lens of Smart Glasses

Medical device reps continue to face a myriad of challenges. Surgeons are busier than ever, costs are rising, and access to the OR is restricted.

But thanks to new technologies such as our surgery assistance solution, medical reps can continue working closely with healthcare teams and attend up to three times more surgeries.

Collaboration just got a whole lot faster and easier. Using our platform, reps can advise a number of surgeons on any given day. No more wasted hours in waiting rooms or lengthy cross country trips.

Using our surgical smart solution means medical device companies no longer have to fork out for travel expenses, hotels or car rental as everything is conducted remotely.

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