The Rods&Cones Team

Meet the team

Hello! We’re Rods&Cones. A team of entrepreneurs and innovators committed to empowering surgeons, medical device specialists, and other experts to work together – remotely.

Bruno Dheedene

Founding Partner & CEO
Worked in the medical devices sales for nearly 20 years
Dedicated to changing the way the medical industry communicates

Jan Dheedene

Founding Partner & COO

A seasoned technology entrepreneur, mentor, and fundraiser
Loves technology and was once a writer.

Benoit Quirynen


Passionated about digital era and its huge impacts on the business and the society.

Ester Boer


20 years of retail, manufacturing and MT experience in dynamic industries and types of organisations.

Luc Hennen

Commercial Director

An experienced MedTech sales leader

Ines Perez Roggero

Marketing Director

Eager to know how we can help you reduce time and
costs and get on demand access to the OR?