A Catalyst for Change in Healthcare

Our Purpose To be a catalyst for change in healthcare to improve peoples lives

Our Mission Connecting medical experts worldwide

Our Story

The Rods&Cones journey started with the vision of how modern technology could revolutionize healthcare by connecting surgeons isolated in the sterile field to the world outside of the operating room. 

With this vision in mind, the brothers Bruno and Jan Dheedene bundled their experience in the operating room environment and in software development to come up with the perfect solution

They tested smart glasses as these became available and began developing concepts for a remote assistance services with a clear and shared vision: Changing healthcare for the better.

In 2019 the first version of the Rods&Cones remote assistance service was ready for the market and forever changed how healthcare would be delivered to patients.

The name Rods&Cones was decided because of the two types of photoreceptors in the retina of a human eye. Rods allow us to see light, while Cones allow us to see color.

… but only together do they help us to perceive and decode the world around us more clearly.

Rods&Cones’ aim was, and still is, to connect medical experts globally: to ensure everyone has access to the best medical skills, expertise, and advice – no matter where they are.

That’s what continues to drive us today.

Our technology enables MedTech experts, assisting surgeons, medical students, and other healthcare professionals to see and communicate with surgeons working in any OR, anywhere in the world – in real-time.


Our Timeline

First business idea with release of Google smart glasses and a clear shared vision.


Change healthcare
for the better




Office in Turnhout (BE)
and Zagreb (HR)


Global Launch
of visOR

Office in Amsterdam (NL)
and Barcelona (ES)


Growth accelerated
by Covid-19

Deployment in


Launch of mirrOR, panOR, chargOR and visOR-V

Global Distribution
Agreements & Partnerships


Implementation of
MIS and Open Kit

From 2 to 60

FTE’s in 18 months & growing


Nationalities in our team


Countries we are active


Hospitals and medical centers using R&C solution

rods-about team r&c

Meet the Team

A team of entrepreneurs and innovators dedicated to empowering surgeons, medical device specialists & other experts to work remotely. We pride ourselves on our team diversity coming from different cultures and and countries making us all more in tune with our customers worldwide.

bruno rodes&cones


Founding Partner & CEO

Worked in Pharma and MedTech for nearly 20 years. Dedicated to changing the way the medical industry communicates.

jan r&c


Founding Partner & CGO

A seasoned technology entrepreneur, mentor, and fundraiser. Loves technology and was once a writer.




Seasoned service design architect who oversees all operational efforts – including supply chain, customer experience, IT, and quality control. Has been instrumental in setting up Rods&Cones’ global customer service centers.

benoit rodes&cones



Digital era advocate, making quick wins possible with agile strategy, backed up by 25 years in telecoms and adjacent sectors.

joorit cropped



With over 15 years of experience in finance and working with scale ups, our CFO is an expert in scalability and passionate about innovation.



Managing Director USA & Canada

20 years in the Medical Device industry leading in Commercial, Marketing, and Education activities. Passionate about people and new technologies.

steven bessemans rodes&cones


Business Development

With experience across industries, Steven possesses a contagious curiosity and enthusiasm for customer-centric solutions. He is passionate about maximizing accessibility to the best possible healthcare, while focused on a client’s ROI.

ines rodes&cones

Inés Pérez

Marketing Director

Barcelona-based, with 20 years experience in marketing and commercial operations, passionate about using digital marketing to engage communities.


‘In my role, I focus on developing and implementing training tools for the Rods&Cones remote assistance service. The interaction with the team and our customers who are all dedicated to change healthcare for the better make Rods&Cones a great place to work.’  – Coen Smiers, Training & Education Manager


Training & Education Manager

‘Working for a company that not only is innovative, but that also thrives to make a positive change for the world was one of the main reasons I decided to be part of the Rods&Cones family.’ – Federico Saltalamacchia, Marketing Communication Specialist


Marketing Communication Specialist

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