Our Story

Our story with remote surgical assistance

Our journey started back in 2017 when we began developing concepts for our remote surgical assistance solution.

After fifteen years of medical device sales experience, we’d seen firsthand the growing need for remote assistance in the operating room.

Our aim was, and still is, to connect medical professionals globally: to ensure everyone has access to the best medical skills, expertise, and advice – no matter where they are.

That’s what continues to drive us today.

Our technology enables medtech experts, assisting surgeons, medical students, and other healthcare professionals to see and communicate with surgeons working in any OR, anywhere in the world – in real-time.

With our remote surgical assistance solution, medical device companies
can optimise their sales reps’ time, reduce costs, and help more
surgeons deliver better patient outcomes.

Our Values


We’re committed to challenging the status quo in a positive way – with solutions that improve and advance the medical device industry.


We don’t just ‘say’ that innovation’s important – it’s as the heart of what we do. Embracing and implementing new technologies has been part of our philosophy since the very start.

User Centricity

We’re pragmatic in our approach – which is why we aim to make the experience of using our hardware and software as easy as possible.


We’re uncompromising when it comes to security and data privacy. We ensure our solutions adhere to, and surpass, international compliance requirements – like GDPR.

Years of experience in the field means our seasoned professionals
know what medical devices companies and surgery staff need.

Need on-demand remote access to the OR?