Setting up the visOR-V smart glasses

In this step we will show you how to set up your visOR-V by connecting the devices with the headband in order to have a comfortable session with the remote expert.

Smart glasses on headband

Connect the visOR smart glasses to the headband

Slide the visOR onto the larger hinge on the headband. The larger side has a pivotal hinge that allows the visOR to adjust into position.

Note: Identify the pivotal hinge on the headband before sliding the visOR into the hinge.

Connect the battery or Powerbank

Connect the battery/powerbank to the headband and the visOR

Slide the battery onto the smaller part of the headband & connect both the smart glasses and the battery with the USB-C to USB-C cable. (The battery is interchangeable with the power bank.)

Note: Make sure the band is taut and not baggy.

Fit the visOR

Adjust the visOR-V to best fit

Put on the headband with the visOR on the side of your dominate eye, on the left or right side. 

1. To find the best fit, slide the headband around your head placing the hinge holding the visOR in front of your ear. (This can vary from person to person, somewhere between the front of the ear and the temple area should be the area of best fit.) 

2. Pull the visor down so it sits at the same level as the bottom of your nose.

3. Pivot the OLED display screen until you can see this clearly in your peripheral vision.

Precaution – Do not slide the arm to the far edge of the hinge, leave around a centimeter on that side to secure stability.