Get started with Rods & Cones visOR-V

Connecting the smart glasses to the remote expert’s view.

What's in the box

smart glasses

Our smart glasses have a 4k camera and a colour OLED display.

Glasses frame

Our smart glasses have a frame to support the visOR-V and the battery.

(Not available with all kits.)

Charging adapter

Easy to use and efficient power charging adapter.


High speed data transfer cable for


Our ergonomic headband is comfortable and easy to adjust and will hold the smartglasses and battery pack.


High speed data transfer cable for USB-A to USB-C.

Power bank V2

Low on power? We have a power bank that will help you when you are running low on power.

Power bank V1

Our power bank V1 has now been adapted into V2, some exiting earlier kits may have this version instead. 

Battery pack

Get 2 hours of power with our light and efficient battery pack. (Note: newer models will have two Power bank V2 instead.)

visOR-V Smart glasses anatomy

Central camera

Autofocus 4k camera


Colour OLED technology display


Noise cancelling microphone

Power on/off

Easy to use powerbutton


The built-in flashlight will provide clear images and video under low light circumstances

Select button

Easy and accessible select button for control

Charging details

visOR Smart glasses

The device always needs to be connected to either the battery or the Powerbank. When fully charged, the smart glasses gives you 5 minutes of viewing time without any battery being connected. This allows for a hot swap of batteries during a procedure.

Battery pack

When fully charged the battery pack gives you 2 hours of viewing time.

Note: newer models will have two power banks instead of the battery pack.


When fully charged the powerbank unit gives you 4 hours of viewing time.

If using Power bank V1, you will need to press the button to activate this. A green light will appear to show this is active giving 3 hours of viewing time.