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Connecting the smart glasses to the remote expert's view

What's in the box

visOR-I smart glasses

Our smart glasses are built for comfort and hold cutting edge technology for your purposes.

Pocket unit + smartphone

Our device holds technology for flawless video and audio communication with the remote expert.

Pocket unit to glasses cable

This high data transfer cable lets you connect the smart glasses with the pocket unit.


High quality earpiece with integrated speaker and microphone.

Charging adapters

Charge anywhere with our charging device the smartphone and the pocket unit (small pin).


For any situation or location, our adapters guarantee charging everywhere.

VisOR-I smart glasses anatomy

Central camera

In the center of the smart glasses is our 2.5K camera.

Zoom camera

Our zoom camera has a 5x optical zoom camera lens for detailed images and easy QR scanning.


The built-in flashlight helps to keep clear images and video under low light conditions.

Pocket unit & smartphone charging

Charging details

When fully charged the pocket unit gives you 5 hours active connecton time (wifi) and 2.5 hours active connection time (4G).

A green light on the pocket unit indicates it is fully charged and ready for use.

Charging status indicator light