Safe, Secure, & Scalable
Solutions For Surgeons,
Hospitals, & Medical Schools

Remote Expertise On-Demand

Improve patient outcomes by delivering surgical expertise anywhere in the world.

Train Global Workforces

Provide real-time education and remote proctoring to medical students and other doctors.

Safe & Secure For Hospitals

Our smart glasses are 100% hands-free – perfect for sterile environments. Our software is secure and no medical data kept on our servers.

Surgeons, Hospitals, & Medical Schools

Connecting Surgical Workforces

The primary purpose of our surgery assistance solution is simple. We aim to ensure that OR-based surgeons get the support they need – from medical device experts and attending surgeons – during complex procedures.

However, they can be also used by healthcare professionals in a variety of ways:

In addition, our technology is both secure and easy to use. The hardware is comfortable to wear during lengthy surgical procedures and is operated completely hands-free – ensuring a sterile, clean and safe environment every time.

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