Unique solution
for remote assistance
in the Operating Room

Our technology

Clinical Collaboration - Designed for the OR

Our surgery assistance solutions allow surgeons and other medical specialists to easily interact and collaborate within the fast-paced OR environment. Our focus is extreme simplicity adapted to the sterile surgical environment.

Our signature surgery assistance solutions are engineered to seamlessly enable one-to-one or one-to-many video calls securely.

Designed to be worn within the sterile OR environment, they’re lightweight and hands free – connecting easily to a mobile device that can be worn under sterile clothing. In this way, users can connect with specialists located outside of the OR – ensuring they have on-demand access to the skills and knowledge needed to improve patient outcomes.

visOR is powered by Iristick.G1 PRO and Vuzix M400 smart glasses



One smart
glasses unit

QR code
address book


Wifi, 4G/5G

Unlimited sessions
call partticipants

Manuals and
helpdesk service

Network, hosting
and data security

Hands free
call set up

While our smart glasses are perfect for getting the OR surgeon’s point of view remotely, surgery often requires lots of visual inputs.

An additional, complementary piece of hardware, mirrOR allows users to connect any external image source to their smart glasses feed using a QR code. With mirrOR, OR-based professionals can display a range of additional source – giving those viewing remotely an even clearer, more complete picture of each surgery.

Rods&Cones solution


Display and livestream
any video external source

Used with
smart glasses

QR code

USB cable for mobile device
connection included

DVI cable for video
converter included


Broadcast under control

The webinOR is the perfect addition to Rods&Cones’ groundbreaking remote surgery solutions.
Share a complete view of the OR at Full HD resolution to a selected large audience, without the need of a third party application. The webinOR is a highly intuitive tool specifically designed with the clinical environment in mind, putting security first and optimizing equipment resources.


Schedule a webinOR
session as a Remote

Connect to a selected
large audience from

Full HD real-time
experience for remote

Moderator is in direct
contact with operator.

Secure invitations and
control of attendees.

No additional application

Store and charge all R&C devices in a single box!

chargOR is a portable case containing everything needed for a successful remote surgery. Specifically designed for Rods&Cones’ hardware, its durable outer shell protects each device from damage and charges multiple pieces of hardware simultaneously. Easy to transport, lightweight, and lockable, chargOR keeps your hardware safe and ready for your next surgery.



Single point for charging all R&C items.

Includes a cooling fan.

Custom-built storage and protection case with key-locking system.

Convenient for all types of transport

Keeps items clean and tidy

5 business days worldwide shipping.

Key Features

Easy Accessibility

Fast and simple set up with minimal learning curve for all users.

Full Visibility

Viewing is controlled by the remote user: allowing them to zoom and focus in at key points during a procedure.

Robust Security

Security is paramount. Plus no patient or medical data is hosted or shared on our servers.

Total Flexibility

An array of functional features designed to optimise the overall experience.

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