Rods&Cones MIS Kit

Connect with specialist surgeons during minimally invasive surgery – using multiple video feeds

For minimally invasive surgery, our MIS Kit offers you increased connectivity by providing your remote experts with a more complete view of the OR.

Securely share 2 mirrOR device feeds alongside a single visOR feed to give remote experts the clearest view possible of any procedure – whether that’s endoscopy, a cardiac monitor, x-ray, ultrasound, or a surgical robot; as well as the surgeon’s close up perspective. The remote expert screen can hold up to 6 different feeds.

The panOR device allows for a 360-degree view of the OR itself, providing more context to the remote audience and completing the view of the OR. Our GDPR and HIPAA compliant technology gives your remote experts a more detailed picture of the OR and the opportunity to share their expertise.

What’s included in the MIS Kit?

Our signature smart glasses give remote experts the same view as the surgeon.

Connect and broadcast different video feeds from the OR to remote experts – such as an endoscopy, laparoscopy, patient’s information, and more.

A webcam device enabling a 360-degree view of the OR.

A convenient carry case that charges your Rods & Cones devices and keeps them safe.

See what your OR is MISsing

What more can you do with this Kit?

Connect to a larger audience.

Allow the entire OR to see what the surgeon sees.

24/5 support in 8 languages.

4G mobile connectivity available.

True global knowledge at your fingertip.

Complete product training from A to Z.

Interested in the Rods&Cones MIS Kit?