Blue logo for mirrOR

Share your video output to the remote expert

In this step we show you how to connect to the remote expert so he can see your video output.

Note: If mirrOR is connected first, when remote expert answers the call they will already see the mirrOR device on their screen.

Remote expert older Rods&Cones interface with video feed
Smart glasses screen QR code scan

Allow glasses user to connect

Let the user connect with you in order to view your video

Allow the glasses user to scan the purple QR code. This will connect the video source to the remote expert’s screen.

Note: this may already be grouped and so you can miss this step.

Smart glasses and QR code

Scan remote expert's QR code

Call remote expert by scanning their QR provided.

Now it’s time to scan the remote expert’s QR code, mentioned in step 1, this will connect you to the remote expert & they will have the video feed already added to their screen.

Note: A member of the team may have this pre-prepared for you, please check with them.

Remote expert older Rods&Cones interface

You’re sharing your video

Connected and sharing your video with the remote expert

Once the call is answered you will be connected! The remote expert can now see the view from the smartglasses as well as the surgical video source.

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