In the not too distant future, the MedTech service model is going to look unrecognisable. With frontline medical staff using products like smart surgery glasses to access the expert support they need from any OR in the world, MedTech as a whole is going to streamline the way medical staff connect and assist one another like never before.

Aligning & Optimising Processes

Imagine a world where a surgeon receives an artificial hip ahead of a replacement surgery. The QR code on the box can be scanned and a detailed video of the intricacies of the new-to-market product appears on screen for the surgeon – prepping them before the operation.

Simultaneously, medical device experts are alerted that the product is being used and that assistance could be required. If the surgeon is using a product like our R&C visOR solution they can then ‘dial in’ to an expert for further advice.

This removes the need to have one or more on-site experts to provide a second opinion or guidance, whilst also giving frontline medical staff more access to those experts than they have ever had.

A Surgery Helpdesk

Although surgeons are extremely capable and have on site staff there to assist, they can still encounter something very specific that they are not an expert on. In these cases it is vital that there’s a specialist that can offer support. This may happen only 1% of the time but that support could be critical in ensuring a successful surgery.

Envisioning a way that MedTech companies can use this tech is revolutionary – but also very realistic. When we look at the back-end support required for this to work, much of the technology is already available: but it must be moulded to the medical industry.

When we look to the future, we see a helpdesk where experts are assigned both to scheduled surgeries as well as on an ad hoc basis – to provide medical expertise any time, anywhere.

Efficiencies For All

The endgame should be a broader support solution – so that not just the frontline staff are completely supported, but so that efficiencies can be passed on to hospitals as a whole. If an expert can support a surgeon remotely, then they can provide this support globally.

As greater adoption of this technology continues, process automation will become an even bigger factor.

We envision that a more supportive, more streamlined, and more accessible MedTech network is inevitable. It stands to offer so many medical professionals the opportunity to access the leading minds of any field and use the support to provide patients with industry-leading quality of care.

At Rods&Cones, a belief in this future drives our works. If you share that vision, please contact us today so that we can help you make it a reality.